[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Just one day' practice (Appeal ver.)

jackpot || happy 3rd anniversary block b 

work was dumb, the girls in there take advantage of me and make me do all their dirty work bc they know I would do it. Like today, the bathroom was out of service and no one bothered to fix it. So I went in there and fixed the toilet in like 5min since the ones that were SUPPOSED to do it gave up and let it flood out, then went home

thank goodness the only one I get along w/ is my supervisor. They’re the only one I actually care what they think of me.

seriously though fuck all ya’ll, I’m outta here when I get my experience.


[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] Block B Jackpot Single - P.O

Title: JACKPOT(잭팟)
Artist: Block B (블락비)
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cheap clothing sites ($10 and over; most are under $20):

Straight White Boy Problem #176


talking to girls about music is either really good or really bad because some girls will be like yeah i listen to like this and this and thats it. however some girls will give you 5 paragraphs worth of information about passion pit/artic monkeys/ed sheeran that you didnt really need to know about

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how to pronounce zelo


'Snowdrop & other tales' by the Brothers Grimm; illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Published 1920 by E.P. Dutton & Company, New York.

See the complete book here.


Finally I finish this!! Hope all you guys like it as much as I do!!

Usagi is one of my biggest inspirations since I was a little girl! Everyday after I finished watching Sailor Moon or the Little Mermaid all I wanted to do was trying drawing them!! So these two characters mean a lot to me