5-Day Hiatus

k not really..

I’m gonna be out of town for vacation for 5 days and I’m not bringing my laptop.. there would be no point in relaxing if I brought it >.> 

I have the tumblr app on my phone but pffffttttt we all know it’s a shitty app

yayyy Lake Tahoe here I come :D

Title: Crush On You (feat. Swings)
Artist: Crush
Played: 4251 times


#nowplaying Crush - Crush On You (feat. Swings)


…something I came across that was relevant to the whole “plastic surgery" discussion in earlier asks that I received. 

Jay is so real. His perspective is a relate able one when it comes to bridging the gap between the American entertainment industry and the Korean entertainment industry. 

  • sister: *shows me Rome from C-Clown's instagram
  • me: dang


[bae] honey come over

[zico] i cant im at the studio

[bae] im home alone ;)

[zico] and im at the studio